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A Packing List for Mozambique Island

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

If you are anything like me, putting together a packing list for a trip to Africa can be a little daunting. I am not really an organized person by nature so when I was preparing for my first trip to the continent, I was a little stressed out. Ok full disclosure, I was REALLY stressed out. I have an overactive imagination and compulsion to want to think through worst case scenarios and when my brain starts down that road it’s never a pleasant experience.

What if I don’t pack the right kind of clothes?

What if I have problems with my visa when I arrive?

What if I can’t find anyone who speaks English?

What if while I am sleeping, a deadly African spider crawls up nose and lays eggs in my brain?

But you needn’t worry my intrepid travelers, visiting Mozambique is much easier and far less scary then my imagination would lead you to believe. Here at Rickshaws Pousada e Café our team has put together a brief list of the essential items you will need for a fun filled Mozambique Island adventure.

1. Passport

I know this may seem a bit redundant but when traveling to a foreign country you need a passport. Another quick travel tip, make sure to check the expiration date of your passport. If your passport is set to expire within six months of your visit you may experience a little trouble with customs agent. A good rule of thumb is to always have at least a six-month cushion on your passport expiration before planning a trip overseas. I also recommend that you have at least 3 blank pages left in your passport.

2. Visa

Your visa is the one item that can be a little tricky to navigate. Visas can be purchased upon entry in Mozambique. You will need to have documentation indicating that you are traveling for leisure (round trip plane ticket, accommodation confirmation or a invitation letter, etc.) The cost right now is $50 and is good for two entries over 30 days. Rickshaws Pousada e Café has an outstanding relationship with the Director of Tourism on Mozambique Island and in the past, the Director has called ahead to the Nampula airport to help smooth over any issues for our arriving guests.

3. Malaria Meds

I don’t want to alarm you but malaria is a real concern when traveling to Mozambique. By that I mean it is one of the top 5 countries in the world affected by Malaria. But don’t let that dissuade you from visiting. All that really means is bring Malaria medication. Malarone and doxycycline are the most effective in Mozambique and are easily obtained by prescription from a doctor. On top of that, most hotels on Mozambique Island have mosquito nets in the room and mosquito repellant is fairly easy to come by on the island.

4. Clothing, Sunscreen and Footwear

I like to joke with my colleagues that Mozambique Island has two types of weather: warm and HOT. Most of the hotels on island have AC in the rooms but if you walk around the island during the day you are going to get a little sweaty. I highly recommend bringing clothes that breathe as well as some sunscreen. I suffer from a condition known as OC (Overly Caucasian) and if I don’t put sunscreen on when I am on the island I will burn. Lastly, I cannot overemphasize a good pair of sandals. I bought a pair of Keens before I moved to the island and it’s been one of the best purchases of my life. They keep my feet covered but allow my feet to breath and they are waterproof. Seriously, they are a total gamechanger for traveling around Africa.

5. Google translate

God bless the people at Google. Prior to my arrival in Mozambique I was able to download the Portuguese dictionary to the Google Translate app on my phone; for free! The app has been a real life saver because not only will it translate full sentences, but there is an audio function as well, so worrying about mispronouncing the language is no longer a factor. One of the many advantages of living in the Information Age.

We live in day and age in which travel and new experiences are easy to come by. Mozambique Island truly is a beautiful island that feels lost in time. Don’t let the anxiety of the unknown keep you from missing out on a once in a lifetime experience!

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