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Help Fight COVID-19 on Mozambique Island

I think it’s safe to say we are living in uncertain times. As I sit here typing Mozambique has 31 confirmed cases of COVID-19 (due to the limited number of test kits available and how under resourced Mozambique is, that number is likely much higher). The disruption of our daily rhythms and routines have left many of us feeling disoriented and paralyzed. No one knows when life will return to "normal" or what "normal" will even look like. Amidst this season of chaos and confusion most of us still want to do something to help. Our team at Rickshaws Pousada e Cafe would like to invite you to mobilize with us to help those most vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19.

The economy here on Mozambique Island is almost entirely centered around tourism and because of the current pandemic we are facing around the world, tourism has come to a screeching halt. The majority of restaurants, hotels and other small businesses on Mozambique Island have had to close up shop, leaving hundreds without a source of income. While it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and coastlines you will ever see, Mozambique remains one of the poorest countries in the world. There is no government bailout or check in the mail coming. Most of the population lives day to day and hunger is becoming a growing concern. For the last few weeks our team here at Rickshaws Pousada e Cafe has been brainstorming ideas that we might implement in order to help alleviate the situation and not feel like we are watching helplessly from the sidelines. This week we are starting to roll out a plan that will help meet the immediate fear of hunger and help protect our community from the virus.

The plan: Meals and Face Masks

For a $5 donation you can provide a meal and face mask to a person here on the island. That $5 allows us to keep Rickshaws open, continue to pay salaries to our employees as well as provide a daily wage to some of the local tailors, bakers and farmers who have agreed to partner with us. We are asking individuals, groups and/or businesses to purchase meals and masks in lots of 25 ($125) so we can distribute masks and meals to government offices, city workers, the local hospital (for doctors, nurses and patients), taxi drivers and the thousands of local residents here on the island. Each meal and face mask comes with brief instructions on how individuals can help prevent COVID-19 from spreading in our community (washing hands with soap and hot water, social distancing, etc.). If 25 meals is too steep please give what you can. Every little bit helps!

As of today we have already raised enough for 2400 masks and meals, and have begun our first round of distributions (see pictures below). What really excites our team about this new endeavor is that it invites members of the local community to be a part of the solution. Providing a hand up instead of a hand out. If you are interested in partnering with Rickshaws Pousada e Cafe to help feed and protect our community from COVID19 as well as support the local economy please click the link below:

If you have any further questions or have difficulties navigating the website please feel free to call us at +258 85 220 0600 or email us at .

Thank you so much! Estamos Juntos (We are together!)

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