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The Rickshaw is more than just a great logo for an island café and guest house. Rickshaws were once quite common on the dirt streets of Mozambique Island. These Rickshaws were a normal mode of transporting dignitaries and local bureaucrats from one place to another. These Rickshaws were quite common during the era of history that is remembered by some as a time of great prosperity in Mozambique.


This prosperity is remembered by many of the local population, however, as the darkest days of injustice and oppression.


Today, Rickshaws Pousada e Café has been established to redeem some of the history by offering meaningful work to local young people, mentoring in business, economics, work ethic, casting vision for the future and encouraging young people to lead within the community as powerful and sacrificial leaders.

We are grateful to you and your choice to do business with us. We trust your visit will be a very special memory during your time exploring Mozambique Island.


Please know that your investment into our business is making a huge difference not only in the local economy of an emerging market but you are assisting in changing the lives and families of our employees.

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Robson DeSousa
Connamon Rolls
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