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Happy Hour at Rickshaws

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Rickshaws Happy Hour

Few experiences on Mozambique Island rival the peaceful atmosphere of Rickshaws Pousada e Café at sunset. Far and away my favorite place to unwind after a full day of exploring all the island has to offer. When visiting Mozambique Island Happy Hour at Rickshaws is a must.

Rickshaws’ restaurant is ranked as one of the top ten restaurants in all of Mozambique, not only is the food fantastic but their outdoor patio has a stunning view of the Indian Ocean and Mozambican coastline. The staff is extremely friendly and I am greeted with a smile the moment I enter the building. From 4 pm to 6 pm guests are treated to a complimentary crepe with the purchase of a tea or coffee. Although their service is quick the staff creates an environment in which I want to take my time soaking in the view.

While sipping my ice tea and enjoying a delicious crepe time begins to slow and I am transported back to era that until now felt long gone. As I gaze out across the horizon old-world dhow boats glide across the ocean’s surface as the local fisherman slowly make their way back to shore with the day’s catch. A refreshing evening breeze hits my skin and the descending sun begins to paint the sky vibrant shades of red, purple and orange. Once the sun sets over the horizon Rickshaws’ patio is illuminated by hanging lanterns and my ears are treated to the ambient sound of the waves washing up against the sand and the melodies of Portuguese love songs softly playing in the background. Island hospitality at its finest!

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